Your home is who you are. It’s a reflection of your voice. Where every texture, pattern, and colour speaks volumes. Whatever you want your home to say, you can say it with Baya.

Crafted for living and crafted for life

Baya was developed for those who appreciate style with substance. Drawing inspiration from natural materials and nature, our approach is carefully considered and highly curated. We embrace a less-but-better approach to interiors, with a focus on timeless, purposeful pieces. Guided by an appreciation of aesthetics and craft, our products are created in collaboration with skilled artisans. Featuring natural fibres, stunning textures, and distinctive finishes, Baya brings warmth and effortless style to your space.

Each season we release new Baya themes with their own design story to tell. As natural evolutions of the season before, you can subtly edit your spaces with each collection.

A Stylish Change

In a market that is constantly changing, we decided to redefine our Mulberi brand with clearer focus, design direction and product offerings. We also wanted to lift the brand to the next level and take our distinct NZ style to international markets. We spent significant time reassessing our values and vision, and redesigning a visual identity to match. We hope you love the results as much as we do!

Our range is New Zealand-designed, encapsulating our desire for refined, understated style

The Baya Name

Our name takes inspiration from a small yellow bird known for its incredible nest weaving skills. The name expresses our appreciation for the artisan and handcrafted. It also connects with homemaking and impeccable design.

Artisan Crafted

Guided by an appreciation of aesthetics and craft, our designs are brought to life by partnering with textile artisans from around the globe. We are passionate about handmade; the beauty of this production method means that time and skill are embedded in every fibre of the finished product.

Partnering with GoodWeave

Create spaces that revive and renew through the power of simple designs, handcrafted details, and natural fibres.

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