Our Ethics & Responsibilities

One of our key values is social responsibility. At Furtex we have a focus on sustainable goods, made ethically and goods sourced from credible suppliers. We only work with mills and suppliers who have robust anti-child labour policies and who take practical measures to look after their staff. We’re proud of the longstanding relationships we have developed with our suppliers, from European machinists to Indian artisan weavers.

Working with GoodWeave

Our Baya brand is proud to be working in collaboration with GoodWeave, a non-profit organisation who works to eradicate unfair labour practices in global supply chains. This partnership ensures that no child, forced or bonded labour was used in the production of certified products. Each purchase of a GoodWeave labelled product goes towards supporting programs that educate children and ensures decent working conditions for adults.

Environmental Sustainability

At Furtex we care about the environment and understand the impact the textile industry has on our fragile planet. Many of our collections are inspired by our beautiful New Zealand landscape and we want to preserve it for generations to come. We aim for our products and processes to leave as little impact on the earth as possible.

We source our materials carefully, and where possible we work with natural and recycled fibres. We are constantly reviewing how we can work in a more sustainable way and minimise the impact we have on this earth. This is why we work with mills and suppliers which are able to ensure they have met their countries environmental certifications. We also look to design timeless pieces that fit into the ‘less is more’ way of living. It is work in progress and we continue to work hard on improvements.

Ethical Sourcing

We pride ourselves on our careful and ethical sourcing of animal products. This means that ensuring animal welfare is of the utmost importance. As real fur pieces are a notable part of our heritage, we have taken time to build relationships with trusted suppliers. It is important to us that social, welfare and environmental aspects are carefully considered in the process of creating each item.